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Bluerun Ventures was established in 1998 in Silicon Valley, USA. Blue Run Ventures China was established in 2005 to focus on venture capital investment in early-stage startup companies.

Investment areas

It has invested in more than 150 early-stage startup companies, covering new consumption, enterprise technology, hard technology and innovation interaction, medical and health and other fields.

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Long-term investment

Manage multiple USD/RMB dual currency funds, with assets under management in China exceeding 15 billion RMB, with an average duration of 10 years, which can provide long-term support to entrepreneurs from the early stage.

The fund raised in the latest phase exceeds 500 million U.S. dollars. Investors are composed of internationally renowned insurance companies, sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, national guidance funds, well-known funds of funds, entity companies, family offices, etc.

Post-investment service & entrepreneur community

Assist companies to grasp the pace of R&D and commercialization, judge and target management of the time nodes of technology integration into the scene, and provide support in follow-up financing and talent recruitment.

Participate in the construction and sharing of the Lanchi family entrepreneurial ecological chain, including: Lanchi family CEO community, artificial intelligence entrepreneurship camp, technology media platform “New Economy 100 People” focusing on leaders of the new economy industry, and artificial intelligence society that integrates social interactions Group “Xinzhiyuan”, “Singularity”, an innovative medical information exchange platform, and “Nebula Accelerator”, a new venture capital acceleration platform with hardware supply chain solution capabilities.

Industry Honor

Blue Run Ventures was awarded the first place in Zero2IPO Group’s “Top 30 Early-stage Investment Institutions in China”, and the first place in the “Top 30 China’s Best Early-stage Venture Capital Institutions” by China Investment Group, and was also awarded by Preqin Global Venture Capital with sustained high returns Top 10 fund managers.

In addition, Blue Run Ventures has been selected by Forbes China, 36Kr, Entrepreneur, Caixin Media, CBN Weekly, Interface and other media organizations for many consecutive years as “China’s Best Early Stage Institution” and “China’s Top Venture Capital Institution” , “The most popular early-stage investment institution for entrepreneurs of the year”, “The most influential early-stage investment institution of the year” and other titles.

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