About BlueRun Ventures China


BlueRun Ventures was founded in Silicon Valley in the United States in 1998. BlueRun Ventures China, established in 2005, focuses on early-stage venture capital investments.

Investment Fields

We have invested in over 150 early-stage startup companies, covering innovative technology and interface, enterprise services, emerging consumer trends, healthcare services,etc.

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Long-term Investment

We manage multiple USD/RMB dual currency funds, with assets under management in China exceeding USD 1.5 billion over an average term of 10 years, and can provide long-term support to entrepreneurs from the early stage.

We raised 500 million U.S. dollars for our latest fund from reputable global investors including insurance companies, sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, foundations, funds of funds, corporates, and family offices.mily offices, etc.

Service & Community

We assist companies in controlling the pace of R&D and commercialization, identifying the right time to integrate technology into business scenes, and managing goals throughout the entrepreneurial journey. We also provide support in follow-on financing and talent recruitment.

We have built the BlueRun entrepreneurial ecosystem, consisting of the BlueRun CEO community, the AI entrepreneurship camp, New Top 100—a tech media platform focusing on leaders in the new economy, AI Era—AI entrepreneurship community, GeekHeal—an innovative medical information exchange platform,StarGeek—an innovative venture accelerator which incubates hardware supply chain solutions, and Bio2X—a winter camp which gathers and influences biotech talents.

Our approach to Responsible Investing

We are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of integrity, conduct and professional responsibility in the pursuit of its goal of consistently achieving the highest quality investment returns for its clients. We are dedicated to investing responsibly, operating with integrity, supporting social and environmental responsibility, and building an inclusive workplace where its employees can thrive. We have continued to increase our social responsibility and ESG commitments and has been a signatory of the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (‘UNPRI’) since May 2022.


Blue Run Ventures was awarded the first place in Zero2IPO Group’s “Top 30 Early-stage Investment Institutions in China”,and the first place in the”Top 30 China’s Best Early-stage Venture Capital Institutions” by China Investment Group,and was also awarded by Preqin Global Venture Capital with sustained high returns Top 10 fund managers.

BlueRun Ventures has also been recognized by Forbes China, 36Kr, Cyzone, Caixin Media, CBN Weekly, Jiemian and other media organizations as “China’s Best Early-stage Investment Institution”, “China’s Top Venture Capital Institution”, “Most Popular Early-stage Investment Institution of the Year among Entrepreneurs”, and “Most Influential Early-stage Investment Institution of the Year” for many consecutive years.


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