Ideal Auto was successfully listed in Hong Kong, Blue Run Ventures made 5 consecutive rounds of investment
2021-10-31 00:20 Sunday

On August 12, one year after listing on the U.S. stock market, Ideal Auto officially listed on the Hong Kong stock market. Lanchi Ventures is one of the early investors of Ideal Auto. It has made 5 consecutive rounds of investment and is the A2, A3, B1, B3, and C round investors of Ideal Auto.

Intelligence and new energy bring opportunities to redefine the flow of people and logistics around the world. As a new force in China’s car manufacturing, Ideal Auto continues to promote technological innovations in the electrification, intelligence, and autonomous driving of automobiles, and promotes the upgrading of the industrial chain. Lan Chi, a team that dares to take the lead and redefines, will always support it.

——Zhu Tianyu, Managing Partner of Blue Run Ventures

According to the retail data of China Automobile Data Terminal, the number of ideal cars on insurance was the highest in June, reaching 7,827. Ideal Motors recently announced July delivery data. In July, 8,589 Ideal ONEs were delivered. The monthly delivery volume exceeded 8,000 for the first time, an increase of 251.3% from July 2020 and an increase of 11.4% from June 2021. In the first seven months of 2021, the total number of deliveries of ideal cars will reach 38,743. The current cumulative delivery volume of Ideal ONE has reached 72,340 vehicles.

The inconvenience of energy supplementation leads to mileage anxiety. Two solutions, extended-range electric and high-voltage pure electric, can provide users with a convenient energy replenishment experience comparable to that of gasoline vehicles. Ideal Motors will launch an extended-range electric SUV in 2022 and two other SUV models in 2023. Beginning in 2023, Ideal Auto plans to launch at least two high-voltage pure electric models every year.

In addition, based on the judgment that L4 autonomous driving will become the main operating mode of all cars, Ideal Car is investing heavily in self-developed autonomous driving technology. Starting in 2022, all new models of Ideal Car will be equipped with necessary hardware compatible with the self-developed future L4 autonomous driving.

As a new monthly sales champion of a new domestic power brand, Ideal Auto has gained a first-mover advantage in the leap-forward development of China’s new energy smart car industry. It is expected to compete with global competitors and become a global leader from China. By. The listing of Hong Kong stocks will enable Ideal to obtain double liquidity in the global capital market, to implement the “2025 Strategy” for Ideal and to obtain more capital chips from the autopilot ticket.

Similar to mobile phones, cars will be the core ecology that will lead the next technological cycle, and will grow stronger. With the support of the national policy of new energy and hard technology, Ideal Auto will have the opportunity to use the dual commanding heights of the energy industry and the information industry to build a technological innovation ecosystem, open up the upstream and downstream industrial chain of smart cars, including chips and operating systems, and improve Continuous breakthroughs in the field of new energy, becoming the world’s top technology company redefining travel.

Lanchi will continue to deploy along the upstream and downstream of the smart vehicle industry chain including manned and cargo, as well as in the field of new energy and broader “dual carbon”.

——Zhu Tianyu, Managing Partner of Blue Run Ventures

According to public data, the global travel industry market size accounts for 15%-20% of GDP. Intelligence, new energy, and scene mode reconstruction are the three core variables of the travel industry.

01 Intelligent
The core infrastructure capabilities represented by lidar, AI algorithms, and closed-loop cloud data have gradually increased, and vehicles have ushered in the era of intelligence.

02 New Energy
New energy supply methods represented by lithium batteries and hydrogen energy batteries have gradually matured, and energy supply in the travel industry has ushered in a new model.

03 Scene mode reconstruction
With the help of new infrastructure, service providers can more efficiently meet the needs of the scene.

Based on this, Blue Run Ventures has carried out in-depth layout in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain. In addition to the ideal car, Lanchi Ventures is also Guazi Second-hand Car, Songguo Travel, Gaoxian Robot, WAYZ Weizhi Technology, Yimaicar, Xinlai Technology, Yunsheng Intelligent, Hongjing Smart Driving, Yunyou Freight, and Bocui Cycle , Shengke Energy, Yuntu Semiconductor and other companies’ early investment institutions, investment areas cover driverless, basic energy and networks, sales networks, after-car services, automotive retail, etc.

Focusing on the mobility needs of people and cargo, combined with the logic of the industrial chain, Blue Run Ventures will comprehensively deploy a new mode of travel, including parts, supply chain, energy, network, sales, service, capacity, etc.

In the future, Blue Run Ventures will continue to look for start-up teams that dare to be the first to work together from 0 to 1 to jointly define the future of travel.