1998, started in Silicon Valley, 2005, entered China
15 billion + long-term capital, RMB/USD dual currency, continued to create investment returns far above average.
150+ excellent startup companies, ideal car, water drop company, Qingyun, Guazi second-hand car, fun shop, Songguo Travel, Ganji.com, Monster Charging, Yuntu Semiconductor, Hongjing Zhijia, Yunsheng Intelligent, Anxin Shield, Baitu An early institutional investor in Shengke.
Born for the next change
Invest in early start-ups and look for certainty in uncertainty; follow the nature of business and invest in the unchanging in change.
To solve industry problems and improve business efficiency with technological innovation + model innovation. Build a business ecosystem with entrepreneurs, deliver innovative value and empower China's future.
Investment areas

new consumption

company technology


medical health
Lanchi Family News
Ideal Auto was successfully listed in Hong Kong, Blue Run Ventures made 5 consecutive rounds of investment

On August 12, one year after listing on the U.S. stock market, Ideal Auto officially listed on the Hong Kong stock market. Lanchi Ventures is one of the early investors of Ideal Auto. It has made 5 consecutive rounds of investment and is the A2, A3, B1, B3, and C round investors of Ideal Auto. Intelligence and new energy bring opportunities to redefine the flow of people and logistics around the world. As a new force in China’s car manufacturing, Ideal Auto continues to promote technological innovations in the electrification, intelligence, and autonomous driving of automobiles, and promotes the upgrading…

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